ExpressLane POS

Total Retail Management

ExpressLane POS is a highly flexible and versatile Point of Sale software solution for small to medium sized Australian retailers.

ExpressLane POS provides unparalleled ease of use whilst also being extremely powerful and fast.

ExpressLane POS has been designed with  the independent retailer in mind but easily scales to accommodate multiple terminals and multiple stores.

ExpressLane POS  can run fully standalone (it includes extensive stock control, debtors, creditors and cashbook) or can be integrated to many common accounting packages

ExpressLane POS is installed in a wide variety of retail establishments including variety stores, small supermarkets, clubs and landscaping suppliers.

Easy to Use

Processing a sale is simplicity itself and can be completed in as little as 2 keystrokes!

Scan the item (or manually enter the code & hit enter). Sale line is automatically recorded with a quantity of 1. Repeat for each item in the sale. To complete the sale select the tender type (keystroke 1), if cash select the smart key for the amount (keypress 2) and the sale is completed. It really is that simple!

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User Definable Sales Entry screen

The screen has 3 levels each with 54 configurable buttons.

Buttons can be set to pre-defined processes  such as Search, Hold, Quantity etc, a specific barcode (ideal in coffee shops, bars  etc), a specific customer, a stock category (allows grouping on the sales entry screen) or even any other ExpressLane program, for example creating a new loyalty customer. Each button can have a shortcut key assigned to it and can be set to its own color. All very quickly & easily achieved; you can even have different configurations for different terminals. How’s that for flexibility!

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Unlimited Tender Types

Cash, EFT (integrated on-line EFT processing is an optional extra), Credit Card (for manual credit card processing), Layby and Gift Vouchers  are all included as standard payment types. In addition you can set up any number of miscellaneous tender types such as Cheques,  Coupons, Shopping Centre vouchers and so on.

The layby system is a complete sub-system which allows for new laybys, payments,alterations, cancellations etc etc all to be handled from the terminal. Alternatively, our configurable Sales Entry screen allows you to create a specific layby counter if you prefer.

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Powerful Stock Searching

At Sales Entry time items can be easily found if the barcode is missing.

Searching can be done on barcode, stockcode, description, partial description (eg every item that has red in its description) or stock category. In addition the search can be performed on either the primary description, secondary description (yes, we have 2 lines of description) or both. Not only is it powerful but it is also extremely fast; no matter how many stock items you have the search results are returned almost instantly.

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Choice of Loyalty Programs

We give you a choice of 2 loyalty programs as standard, either points based or discount voucher based.

In either case the program is configured by you, with total flexibility as to how points are calculated and redeemed (loyalty program points can be used as a tender type if required) or how the discount voucher should be calculated, expiry date and so on.

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Flexible Stock & Barcode Pricing

Do you need to sell fractional quantities at a premium price? Or bulk quantities at a reduced price? With ExpressLane this is easy. Simply create a separate barcode for the stock item (you can have unlimited barcodes per stock item) with the quantity & price set at the barcode level. ExpressLane will automatically use this, adjusting stock levels by the correct amount & using the correct price.

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In addition ExpressLane also has extensive special pricing which caters for things such as quantity breaks, promotional pricing for a specific period, special prices on specific items for certain customers and so on. Of course ExpressLane also includes discount pricing (both fixed and variable discounts) and manual pricing as standard.

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High level of Security

ExpressLane provides a high degree of security for the business owner/manager with 2 different user types (supervisors & operators) and 9 security levels for each user type. Every routine within the system has its own security level so that only users with a suitable level of security have access.

The system can be configured so that all sales for the shift are attributed to a single user or it can be configured to require the salesperson to enter their id before processing each sale. The choice is yours!

Supervisors run through a menu system and, security level permitting have access to the whole system whilst operators are restricted to Sales Entry only with every button on the screen having its own security level. Processes can be defined to require a supervisor authorisation if  the user has insufficient security and all such authorisations are logged with a report available to management.

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Amazing Tag System!

Do you want to know where your customers come from? Do you want your sales staff to up-sell or cross-sell on certain items? Is there special information to be printed on the docket for certain stock items? All of these are appropriate uses for tags which we think makes ExpressLane much more than just another POS system.

Tags can be attached to stock items, customers, processes, in fact virtually anything within the Sales Entry system and in most cases prompt the operator to ask the customer something. Tags can be strung together to make a virtual script for the operator to follow. For example if you sell a plastic model which requires glue to complete, you could have a tag set on that stock code which prompts the operator to ask “Do you have the glue for that?”

Depending on how the tag is defined, the customer’s answers may be recorded for later reporting and analysis.

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Base Sales Entry screen, configured for Bistro

Sales Entry screen, first level configured for bistro

2nd level of Sales Entry

2nd level (Bistro selected at top level)

Basic Sales Entry screen,blue boxes are undefined

System Setup - Base screen

Terminal Setup

Loyalty Program Setup

Layby Setup options

Layby Detail

Purchase Order Entry - Header

Purchase Order Entry - Details

Stock Maintenance

Wide Range of Reports - Sample entry screen

Licensing is per concurrent user. If multiple sites are involved each site must purchase a single user license plus any additional users required.

Pricing refers to our software only. For PC-EFTPOS integration you will require a PC-EFTPOS approved pin pad (most banks can supply this or we can arrange this at additional cost).

All pricing is expressed in Australian $ (AUD) and is current as at 1st October 2011.

ExpressLane Single User$1,650
Each additional user$825
Barcode Label Printing$275
Scales Interface (Wedderburn DS-770)$275
Integrated EFTPOS (PC-EFTPOS)$275
Do I need any special equipment to run ExpressLane? No, ExpressLane will run on virtually any machine running Windows. We recommend Windows 2000 or later but it will run on Windows 98. The only requirement for terminals is that they must have a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768. Any docket printer which has Windows drivers will work with ExpressLane. We recommend using a barcode scanner for sales entry but this is not a requirement.

Why doesn’t the Cash Drawer open? The cash drawer is normally set to the same device as the docket printer. The printer then sends a string of characters to the cash drawer. These characters must be entered in ExpressLane as decimals, separated by commas. Mosr modern cash drawers respond to 27,112,0,50 where the 50 is the pulse time in milliseconds. If this does not work or your cash drawer is connected directly try 07. If neither of these work you should refer to the supplier of your printer and/or cash drawer.

Can I print barcodes, labels etc from ExpressLane? Yes provided you purchase the barcode label option. This provides a complete WYSIWYG design environment for your labels and allows you to print a range of labels directly from within ExpressLane.

Can I have EFTPOS integrated into the terminal? Yes provided you purchase the EFTPOS option. If you don’t do this you can still easily process EFTPOS transactions but it is not automated from within ExpressLane. We use the PC-EFTPOS subsystem which currently supports Westpac, ANZ, NAB, CBA, Suncorp, St George, Bankwest, Travelex and Bendigo banks.

How do I do a refund/exchange? Exactly the same as a sale! Hit the refund button & start processing. Depending on how you configure your system, you can enforce the requirement to have the original sales docket & in this scenario you can only refund items on that docket.

How do I buy ExpressLane? ExpressLane is sold in Australia & New Zealand only, through our dealers. Contact us (details are on the Contact Us page) and we will arrange for the nearest dealer to demonstrate the product to you and leave you with a fully functional 30 day demonstration copy so that you can ensure that it meets your needs. The demonstration copy can be easily upgraded to the full version so any of your data entered need not be re-keyed.

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